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Make-Up Air Supply Unit


15" Blower, up to 2000 CFM. Includes Intake Hood with EZ Filters

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Direct Drive Direct Drive Untempered Supply Unit with 15" Blower in Size #1 Housing with speed control, disconnect switch.

  • Supply Fan handles 2000 CFM @ 0.250" wc ESP, Fan runs at 1739 RPM
  • Supply Motor: 1.000 HP, 1 Phase, 115 V, 60Hz, 11.6 FLA, TEAO-ECM (Totally Enclosed Air Over Electronically Commutated Motor)
  • Down Discharge - Air Flow Right -> Left
  • Sloped Filtered Intake for Size #1 Standard Untempered Supply Unit.  22" Wide x 25.875" Long x 23.375" High.  Includes 2" MV EZ Kleen Metal Mesh Filters.
  • ECM Wiring Package and Manual or 0-10VDC Control for Supply EC motors. RTC Controller.

Make-Up Air Supply Unit

$1,472.37 Freight included