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Direct Drive Gas-Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit - 5000 CFM


Direct Drive Gas-Fired Heater, ETL Listed, for use in tempering make-up air. 5000 CFM

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Direct Gas Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit with 20" Direct Drive Fan

  • Supply Fan handles 5000 CFM @ 0.659" wc ESP, Fan runs at 1805 RPM.
  • Heater supplies 293794 BTUs. 55°F Temperature Rise. [Fuel: Natural Gas]
  • Supply Motor: 5.000 HP, 3 Phase, 208 V, 60Hz, 15.0 FLA, ODP, Premium (E-Plus3) Eff.
  • Down Discharge - Air Flow Right -> Left

Construction Features:

  • Sloped Filtered Intake for Size #2 Modular Heater. 26.813" Wide X 53.625" Long X 31.313" High.
  • Includes 3x MV EZ Kleen Metal Mesh Filter. 20"x 25"x 2"
  • RTC Solutions • 40-90°F Discharge Temp Control
  • Motorized Back Draft Damper 22.75" X 24" for Size 2 Standard & Modular Heater Units w/Extended Shaft, Standard Galvanized Construction, 3/4" Rear Flange, Low Leakage, LF120S Actuator Included
  • Low Fire Start. Allows the burner circuit to energize when the modulation control is in a low fire position.
  • Gas Pressure Gauge, 0-35", 2.5" Diameter, 1/4" Thread Size
  • Gas Pressure Gauge, -5 to +15 Inches Wc., 2.5" Diameter, 1/4" Thread Size
  • VAV (Variable-Air-Volume) Wiring Package for Commercial Fans. Manual Speed Control Variable Frequency Drive Included
  • Supply Variable Frequency Drive - 5 HP Max., 200/240 V, Three Phase, 16.5 A Max., NEMA 1 Enclosure, (Default Shipped Loose for Field Installation) PART NEEDS PROGRAMMING
  • VFD factory mounted and wired on unit control panel.

Direct Drive Gas-Fired Heated Make Up Air Unit - 5000 CFM

$7,696.07 Freight included