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3000 CFM Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Picture of 3000 CFM Dedicated Outdoor Air SystemPicture of 3000 CFM Dedicated Outdoor Air SystemPicture of 3000 CFM Dedicated Outdoor Air SystemPicture of 3000 CFM Dedicated Outdoor Air System

3000 CFM VXRTU3-I.300-18-15T-DOAS RTU with Indirect Fired Heat and 18" Direct Drive Plenum Fan and 15 Ton of cooling w/ Reheat

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HVAC – Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit (DOAS) 3000 CFM Gas Heated and DX Cooled for Optimal Comfort

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Features & Benefits

  • Danfoss variable speed inverter scroll compressor with VFD
  • Mixed air temperature/humidity sensor measures outdoor, return, mixed, discharge and space air
  • 2" metal mesh outdoor air filters
  • Low leakage outdoor air damper, includes integrated louver and bird screen assembly
  • Wide staggered indoor coil design
  • Electronic expansion valve modulates 0-100% providing automated superheat control and monitoring and preventing liquid migration
  • Stainless steel sloped condensate drain pan, includes float switch and exceeds ASHRAE 62.1 standards
  • Natural gas indirect fired furnace with constant 80% efficiency through modulation
  • Variable speed direct drive supply fan
  • Variable speed outdoor fans with EC motors, 10:1 turndown
  • Double wall, G-90 galvanized steel insulated with 2" thick, foil-faced, R13 closed cell foam or 1" thick, R4.3 fiberglass board
  • Removable hinged access doors
  • User friendly human machine interface (HMI) for easy programming and data measurements
  • Integrated controls with multiple PID loops to maximize energy efficiency
  • Fully insulated controls cabinet


  • Supply Fan handles 3000 CFM of fully conditioned outside at 1.000" wc ESP
  • Heater supplies 182306 BTUs. 52°F Temperature Rise. [Fuel: Natural Gas] Input: 227882 BTUs.
  • 15 Ton of cooling w/ Reheat (humidity control)
  • Supply Motor: 3.000 HP, 3 Phase, 208 V, 60Hz, 9.5 FLA, ODP, Premium (E-Plus3) Eff.
  • Down Discharge - Air Flow Left -> Right

3000 CFM Dedicated Outdoor Air System

$33,597.59 Freight included